2020-2021 HHS Spectator Information

Highland Fall Sport Student-Athletes and Parents,

Outlined in this letter are the details and protocols for our home football, girls soccer and volleyball contests.

  1. Attendance. Two spectators per rostered student-athlete is allowed at each home and away contest.
  2. Admission. There will be no admission fees charged for any contests.
  3. Pass List. Cross Country, Football and Volleyball will be using a pass list for each contest, home or away. Each Student-Athlete will get 4 family members on the pass list for the season. Only the first two family members in attendance will be allowed entry after completing the home site screening & attestation protocol.
  4. Tickets. Girls Soccer will be using tickets, as they are part of the SCAC. Two tickets will be given to student-athletes, to give to their two family members. The two tickets will be used as the home site screening & attestation form.
  5. Live Streamed Contests. All home contests will be live streamed via Facebook Live at the EWAC 2B Athletics Facebook page. For a list of streaming platforms for away contests, please see the list by school at https://goscottiesathletics.com/
  6. Masks. All spectators must wear masks the entire time they are in the facility. Yakima County does not currently allow neck gaiters as acceptable forms of masks.
  7. Seating. The two family members may sit together, remaining seating will be spaced per social distancing requirements. Seats will be clearly marked. The west side of the HS gym is for spectators, the east side of the HS gym will be for essential event personnel and rostered student-athletes.
  8. Arrival. Please arrive and enter the Main HHS Entrance (for volleyball) or the Stadium Entrance (for football & soccer) as closely the start of the contest as possible.
  9. Clearing of Gyms. We may be clearing the HS gym of spectators between sub-varsity and varsity contests. If you have a student-athlete that is competing in both the sub-varsity and varsity contests, you will be allowed to stay for both games.
  10. Facility Exit. Spectators will exit the facility immediately after the contest is complete. If you need to wait for your student-athlete, please do so in your vehicle. Exit for the HS gym is the south doors. Exit the stadium through the main stadium exit.
  11. Rosters. Rosters for each team can be found online at https://goscottiesathletics.com/ as we will not have hard copy rosters at the contests. We will have QR codes for home and away rosters at the entry of each home contest.
  12. Hand Sanitizer. Hand sanitizer will be available at both indoor and outdoor entries.
  13. Concessions. Concessions will not be offered.
  14. Restroom Use. Restrooms or Portable Restrooms will be available for spectator use.

Thank you for following these protocols.  We are excited to have you in the stands again. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Athletic Director, Josh Borland at 509-678-8791 or jborland@highland.wednet.edu.